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Research Committee B

Plants, microbes, food and sustainability

For research topics covered by each Research Committee and to apply for funding visit our Responsive mode research grants and How to apply pages (see related links).

Core members

Professor John Crawford (Chair) - Rothamsted Research
Professor Mike Shaw (Deputy Chair) - University of Reading
Professor Mark Banfield (Deputy Chair) - John Innes Centre

Professor Dawn Arnold - University of the West of England
Dr Alison Bentley - National Institute of Agricultural Botany
Professor Deirdre Devine - University of Leeds
Dr Antony Dodd - University of Bristol
Professor Rob Field - John Innes Centre
Dr Robert Douglas Hancock - The James Hutton Institute
Dr Nicola Holden - The James Hutton Institute
Professor Matthew Hutchings - University of East Anglia
Dr Giles Nicholas Johnson - The University of Manchester
Professor Tracy Lawson - University of Essex
Professor Eshwar Mahenthiralingam - Cardiff University
Professor Petra Oyston - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Professor Gail Preston - University of Oxford
Dr Susanne Gebhard - University of Bath
Professor Gordon Grant Simpson - University of Dundee & James Hutton Institute
Professor Leif Skot - Aberystwyth University
Professor Liz Sockett - The University of Nottingham
Professor Pietro Spanu - Imperial College London
Professor Gavin Hugh Thomas - University of York
Professor Andrew John Thompson - Cranfield University
Professor Zoe Wilson - The University of Nottingham

For a list of members who attended the last three meetings visit our Recent grant awards page (see related links).

Meeting dates


  • 12-13 February
  • 22-23 May
  • 25-26 September


  • 13-14 February
  • 23-24 May
  • 19-20 September


  • 7-8 February
  • 16-17 May
  • 19-20 September


  • 2-3 February
  • 11-12 May
  • 22-23 September